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Meet the Alumni 

Tiffany Ernst

Tiffany Ernst '17, Marine Biology & Chemistry

Tiffany received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue graduate school in the Netherlands. She studied at Radboud University, where pursued their research-focused master’s program in biology with a specialization in adaptive organisms.

Jules King

Jules King '19, Criminology & Psychology

After interning with the FBI the summer before her graduation, Jules rejoined the Bureau after graduation and is currently training at Quantico for a role as an Intelligence Analyst.


John Bowen '12, Biology

Bowen is fulfilling his dream of becoming a veterinarian. He now practices in Chapel Hill – not just for the animals he treats, but also for the people who love them. More...


Alix Theodossiou '18, Nursing 

Working as a nurse at UNC Medical Center, Alex says,  “I plan to return to school after a few years of experience, potentially to become a nurse practitioner or CRNA."



Mallory Blackwood, '15, Psychology

Mallory entered a masters program at University College London studying Clinical Neuroscience and doing research in outcomes in epilepsy surgery.


Rebecca Brasso, '04, Marine Biology

Rebecca began as Assistant Professor of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University in Fall 2015. She was hired as the wildlife toxicologist.


Megan Ennes, '06, Marine Biology and Education

After two degrees at UNCW, Morgan became doctoral student at North Carolina State University in the Department of STEM Education. She and her research partners hope to identify family based pathways that can support underrepresented students' interest in STEM. She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.