HON 110 students, wearing matching shirts, jump for a photo in the amphitheater on campus.

Residence Life

  • First Year

    Students sit together in a Cornerstone dorm room, laughing.

    All first-year honors students live together in the Honors Commons at Cornerstone, with some overflow in Keystone House in the case of a large cohort. Cornerstone Hall is part of a dynamic residence area known as Tri-House, bordered by Innovation House and Keystone House. Living together is a key part of building community, and the friends you make in the honors living-learning community as a freshman may very well stick with you through your senior year and beyond.

    Cornerstone, like all UNCW residence halls, comes equipped with many amenities: study rooms and lounges on each floor, kitchens, laundry rooms, wi-fi, etc. Rooms are double-occupancy (sometimes triple-occupancy in the cases of very large rooms), organized into “pods” that each share a communal bathroom. Honors residence assistants (RAs) reside with students, conducting programs to build community and helping first-years adjust to university life. Honors students will also live and socialize with students outside of the College, as the Tri-House area is home to other living-learning communities and non-honors students. 

  • Upperclassman Living

    As of Fall 2021, traditional students are required by UNCW to live on-campus for at least two years. The Honors housing cohort is only offered for first-year students. After that, Honors students are free to live anywhere on campus, with any other students they choose.