HON 110 students, wearing matching shirts, jump for a photo in the amphitheater on campus.

Advising and Registration

  • Honors Advisors

    Academic advising for honors students is the responsibility of Honors full-time faculty (including the Director, Associate Director, and the Director of CSURF) as well as a roster of part-time faculty advisors from a variety of disciplines. 

    All honors advisors are trained as University College advisors and are familiar with the requirements for honors as well as those of university studies and the various majors. You can check who your advisor is at any time by visiting SeaNet > Student Services & Financial Aid > Registration > Advisor Information.

    Priority registration is a significant perk of being in the Honors College. As an honors student, you will register for classes before most other students on campus. Your honors advisor (and later your academic advisor in your department) will help you plan your academic career, select courses, and work through the registration process.

      Dr. Mehl and an Honors student work together while sitting in the Honors community room in Randall Library.

  • When and how often do I meet with an advisor?

    You will typically meet with your advisor at least once per semester to discuss your academic progress and next semester’s course schedule, but you’re free to make additional appointments.

    You will work with an Honors College academic advisor from your entry to UNCW until you declare a major (typically upon completing 24 credit hours, or 2 semesters, at UNCW). Typically, incoming first-year students work with Honors advisors for 2-3 semesters. 

    After you declare a major, you will receive an advisor in your major department and are no longer required to meet with an Honors advisor. However, not all departmental advisors have a solid grasp of Honors requirements and coursework. if you have any questions about Honors advising or coursework, or just want to double-check you're on the right track, you can always ask our peer advisors or Dr. Bingham, Dr. Mehl, or Miss Nikki Kroushl.

    Transfer students who have completed associate's degrees often arrive at UNCW with a major declared, and thus receive advisors in their major departments. Though you will not ever have a designated Honors advisor as a transfer Honors student, we highly, highly encourage you to meet with a peer advisor or Honors staff member once per semester to verify that you're on track. 

  • Other Advising Resources

    As registration approaches through the semester, Honors may create additional opportunities for advising--drop-in hours, peer advising, etc.

    Click here to learn about current Honors advising resources 

  • Your Progression Through Honors

    Below is a sample 4-year plan for a student who joins Honors as a first-year. (Just a sample! Your journey may look significantly different.) 

    Four Years in Honors Sample Schedule

    Your Four Years in Honors

    Classes to Take

    Co-Curricular Activities
    Questions to ask and things to consider



    HON 110

    2-3 Honors University Studies classes

    1-2 HON 120/121 classes

    HON 191

    3 cultural activities

    2 service activities

    Getting involved in student organizations

    Exploring majors and fields of study

    Meeting frequently with academic advisor

    Consider applying to FYRE



    1-2 more Honors University Studies classes (4 total)

    1-2 HON 120/121 classes

    HON 210/212


     Study abroad?

    Consider leadership positions in student organizations

    Apply to national fellowships/scholarships

    Attend a thesis defense or Scholars Café session



    3 extra hours in Honors

    Any HON seminars not yet complete

    Study abroad?

    Consider leadership positions in student organizations

    Apply to national fellowships/scholarships

    Consider starting 499 early (spring of junior year)

    Attend a thesis defense or Scholars Café session

    Consider internships and research experience

    Consider conducting a Directed Individual Study



    499 (Departmental Honors)


    Attend a thesis defense or 499 Workshop session

    Consider internships and research experience