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The Honors College is fortunate to have donors who have made gifts specific to the students who have decided to become a part of this rich academic experience. Their scholarships allow these students an opportunity to do more, discover more, and uncover more while being less encumbered by the financial strain of increased student debt. The scholarship recipients return this investment through their achievement and excellence across disciplines and throughout the university experience, as well as through involvement and service to the community and university. Honors students are engaged, active and responsive, and we are grateful to our donors for providing so many opportunities to see these high ability students soar.

Featured Donor

richard corbett and emma powers

Dr. J. Richard Corbett

By Tiffany Strickland '11

In 1995, Dr. J. Richard Corbett founded the Emmett & Gladys Corbett Merit Scholarship in honor of his parents, who were dedicated to helping students in their quest for higher education. His parents believed in the philosophy "you don't pay it back, you pay it forward." In his own life, he has lived by this philosophy with great success.

Dr. Corbett has been practicing medicine for 54 years, or as he jokes, "I'm not practicing anymore, I'm pretty good at it now." He completed his undergraduate degree at Wake Forest College when it was still located in Wake Forest, then received his M.D. from the university's new location in Winston-Salem. Dr. Corbett specializes in radiology and now works with medical students at New Hanover Medical Group, teaching them how to read X-rays. Dr. Corbett once retired in June of 1990, but was back to work by September of that same year.

This dedication to contributing to society illustrates his overall character. Dr. Corbett has been active with the Boys and Girls Home and the Burlington Boys Choir. He is on the UNCW Nurse Advocate Board, and established a grant for faculty within the School of Nursing. He has also published a number of historical articles.

Dr. Corbett believes that honors students are the ones who teach the others. He appreciates this collaborative attitude, and says that "sharing is elevating yourself." He encourages each student to "get in something you like because you might have to do it a long time."


There are a number of areas for giving at the UNCW Honors College. You can make a gift online.