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The Honors community that you made so rich and special while you were at UNCW continues as you experience and move on in your life. We always look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to visit anytime!

In 2014-2015 we celebrated two milestones: 50 years since the first UNCW graduate completed a departmental honors project and 20 years since the Honors Scholars program began. Read more about our 50-20 events here and about the Honors history here.


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Family and Alumni Weekend

Each year the Honors College hosts a Family and Alumni Tea in the Honors Seminar room and office suite on the 2nd floor of Randall Library! It is a wonderful time for families to come and join their students and for alumni to rejoin us on campus, complete with Honors Faculty members, currents student ambassadors, and the entire Honors office staff! Check the Family and Alumni Weekend schedule for times and make sure to sign up for the event! More info at the UNCW Alumni web page.


We often have an event in celebration of homecoming. Check the schedule as it is updated regularly and our event will be listed there. We join with all the Seahawks returning home to the nest to celebrate and to spend time together. More info at the UNCW Alumni web page.

We Want to Hear From You!

Your Honors home never leaves and we always love to hear how you are doing and to have you check in! We feature our alumni news in our semesterly newsletter and on the website and love to celebrate with you all that you are accomplishing! Please let us know what you are doing--academically, professionally and in your personal life--using this survey (click here).