Honors Faculty Mentor Awards

The Student Honors Advisory Council (SHAC) of the UNCW Honors College is pleased to sponsor an award designed to honor the practice of mentoring undergraduate research and creative scholarship at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The award is intended to recognize demonstrated excellence in mentoring undergraduate researchers, to encourage mentoring relationships with undergraduate students, and to convey the campus's high regard for such contributions made by the faculty of the academic and research community. This award is granted to faculty members who mentor undergraduates outside of the classroom, and who are committed to Honors-level undergraduate research which extends above and beyond the classroom experience.


Faculty members from all departments are eligible for nomination for the Honors Faculty Mentor Award if they are currently serving as mentors for students who are finishing or have finished their Departmental Honors project and will be graduating at the end of the spring semester. Professors are eligible to be nominated for the award if they have five years of residence at UNCW and have supervised at least two University Honors or Departmental Honors graduates previously.


Nominations for this award, which can only be made by students who are finishing or have finished their Departmental Honors project and are graduating at the end of the spring semester, should present evidence that the nominee (the faculty mentor) has made a significant contribution to advancing undergraduate research and scholarship. All nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the director of the Honors College, the President and Vice President of SHAC (unless their faculty supervisors are nominated, in which case two other SHAC members will participate), a member of the Faculty Honors Advisory Council (FHAC), and one other SHAC member not engaged in supervising an Honors project that semester.


Again, only students who are finishing or have finished their Departmental Honors project and will be graduating at the end of the spring semester may nominate their faculty mentor who meets the above criteria. The nomination package should be printed single-sided, on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper, using 12-point font size, and assembled in the following order:

  • Nomination Form Additional Information/Cover Sheet (click here)

  • Brief curriculum vita of the nominee (student making nomination must obtain this from the faculty member she or he is nominating)

  • List of at least two previously mentored studentsinclude titles of their Honors projects and dates of project completion. This information is available by contacting Drs. Bruce or Horan.

  • Description of mentoring activityno more than two double-spaced pages in length. Explanation (from student nominator) how their mentor worked with them in regards to undergraduate research and mentorship. The nominator should specifically explain their research experience with their mentor and identify what types of activities they completed under their mentorship. Also, the nominator should include comments on the mentor's effectiveness and overall positive impacts on the student's undergraduate research and scholarly creativity.

  • One-page letter of recommendation­ from another faculty member in nominee's department. (This must be requested by the student making the nomination. Students may ask the nominee for suggestions if needed.)

DUE Dates announced in email to graduating seniors and on https://www.uncw.edu/honors/quick-links/meetfaculty.html