Wilmington Fellows Class of 2018

Morgan Clark, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Morgan Clark

Morgan Clark is from Raleigh, NC, and she majored in Nursing and Spanish. She spent the summer after her freshman year in Costa Rica studying Spanish for Health Care Professionals and Alternative Medicine. The summer after her sophomore year she spent working at a maternity clinic in Guatemala, researching vital events at the clinic, providing walk-in clinic services, and assisting with deliveries. While at UNCW, she founded the student organization Make A Change, which provides diapers and other necessities to mothers throughout the Wilmington area. She  hopes to one day work at Duke University as an RN in the NICU before becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Morgan hopes to one day combine her passions for Spanish, traveling, nursing and community service by working abroad to help mothers and babies everywhere.

Kyle Chenevert, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Kyle Chenevert

Kyle “Tex” Chenevert, from Austin, Texas, studied Biology with a minor in Chemistry. His research experience included co-authoring a paper on the impacts of ocean acidification on oysters under Dr. Aswani Volety and conducting research abroad on genetic heritability in abalone off the northern coast of France. He completed an Interdisciplinary Honors Project under Dr. Mark Galizio. With such a wide range of undergraduate research, Kyle truly feels that he has had experiences at UNCW that can’t possibly be found elsewhere. After graduating UNCW, Kyle started a career focusing on quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. He hopes to apply all his experience in a way that will change people’s lives via delivering medication and treatments that are ensured to be both safe and effective. While this Seahawk plans to return to school to pursue advanced degrees, Kyle will use his time right now to find where his degree will be most effective in the industry.

Matthew Fair, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Matthew Fair

Matthew is from Cary, NC and majored in Physics with a concentration in Physical Oceanography. He spent summer 2015 working at the EPA on research into physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models; this research was later published in Public Library of Science: Computational Biology with Matthew listed as a contributing author. In summer 2017, Matthew was an REU researcher at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC. His REU project was modelling wave-driven flow over complex coral reef topography in Moorea, French Polynesia. He completed his honors thesis modelling algae growth patterns within the benthic ecosystem in the Complex Adaptive Systems Lab. Matthew will attend graduate school for physical oceanography and to eventually work as a NOAA researcher specializing in nearshore processes and coastal morphodynamics.

Amber Llanes, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Amber Llanes

Amber double majored in Nursing and Spanish. She is from Raleigh, North Carolina but was born in Miami, Florida into a family of Cuban immigrants. UNCW has allowed her to grow as student and to discover passions she never knew she had. She intends to use both of her majors by working as a nurse for Doctors Without Borders or abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. She hopes to specialize in special needs medicine because the special needs community has stolen her heart. She is extremely passionate about community service. She is a strong proponent of “being with” rather than “doing for” and she strives to ignite this passion in others as well. 

Recent accomplishments: Outreach Chair for 2018 nursing cohort; Volunteer Coordinator for the Miracle League of Wilmington; 2015 Excellence in Engagement award

Allison Manley, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Allison Manley

Allison completed her Honors thesis in Spring 2018.

Sean Owens, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Sean Owens

Sean graduated with a double major in Theatre and Communication Studies. He comes from a military family and chose UNCW for the opportunities it presents both artistically and academically. While he maintained a strong academic record and worked as a leader in clubs around campus, he also focused on staying active in his faith and strengthening himself as a person. His artistic interests include film and stage acting, spoken word poetry, modeling, and ethnography. He has loved every opportunity presented to him through the Honors College and believes that Wilmington has been the perfect area for him to grow.

Recent accomplishments: presented at NCHC 2015 and 2016; various roles in film and stage; Induction Chair for Lambda Pi Eta; University Excellence in Engagement Award

Mackenzie Torcasio, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Mackenzie Torcasio

Mackenzie is from Canton, Ohio. She double majored in Chemistry and French. As a freshman, she became involved with the Office of Transition Programs as an Orientation Leader and a Seahawk Link. She also took a spring break trip with the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement to Atlanta, Georgia, where she learned how to empathize with and educate herself on the many stigmas regarding marginalized populations. Mackenzie received the Cornerstone Award for Distinguished Engagement and the opportunity to speak on behalf of the University at an alumni event in Washington D.C. She then traveled to France for a semester abroad, receiving the chance to have an immersive internship with the Center of Cardiovascular Research at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris. She worked with a team of molecular biologists studying the physiology of arteries and veins on how to better the current health treatments for a myriad of cardiovascular diseases. Her thesis was an interdisciplinary research project, merging her Chemistry and French majors in a unique approach. She tested the various grapes, growing methods, climates, and soil of local, Californian, and French wines on the chemical and sensory aspects of the distinctive flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tori Waldman, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Victoria Waldman

Tori Waldman is from Reading, PA. She double majored in Finance and minored in Computer Science. At UNCW, she took advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Tori participated in three study abroad experiences. The summer after her freshman year, she studied in Hatfield, England for a month. The spring of her sophomore year she spent the semester studying in Wollongong, Australia. The spring semester of her junior year, she worked on a consulting project and then traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to present it over spring break. Tori was also able to participate in managing a million-dollar equity portfolio for the Cameron School of Business. For her honors thesis, Tori studied the relationship between the stock market and the presidential election cycle. She presented her research at the Academy of Economics and Finance conference where she won an award for Best Undergraduate Paper. In addition, Tori was a Senior Medallion recipient and the spring 2018 Outstanding Graduate in Finance.

Rebekah Banks, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Rebekah Banks

Rebekah completed her Honors thesis in Spring 2018.

Holly McGrory, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Holly McGrory

Holly graduated a year early in May 2017, completing her honors thesis in Communication Studies.

Sarah Murphy, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah completed her honors thesis in Oceanography and graduated in December 2017.

Aliana Raulerson, Wilmington Fellows class of 2018.

Aliana Raulerson

Aliana is from Concord, NC and majored in Marine Biology with minors in Spanish and Psychology.  She entered UNCW hoping to eventually achieve a career working hands-on with manatees in Florida, but after being a part of an animal behavior lab since her sophomore year, she  realized that she wanted to pursue a career studying animal cognition in marine mammals. Her time at UNCW has provided her with experiences she never thought she would have during college.  The summer following her sophomore year, she studied abroad for six weeks in Chile and got to travel to Easter Island. She is thankful to have attended a university where studying abroad is encouraged and accessible.  She has also traveled with her animal behavior lab to a conference in Florida, where she learned about current animal cognition research.  Aliana defended her Honors thesis in Spring 2018.

Recent accomplishments: Received Board of Visitors Research Fellowship for 2017-2018; Vice president of Scuba Club; Recipient of CSURF Supplies Grants