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Who are the Fellows?

The Wilmington Fellows are Honors College students who work with campus administrators and offices to position themselves to be competitive for major national postgraduate fellowships, scholarships, and graduate school. They are mentored to undertake research, internships, and campus leadership opportunities and to develop meaningful relationships with faculty and other professionals in their chosen fields of study. The Fellows are active participants on the UNCW campus as they cultivate leadership skills and attend academic lectures, workshops, and other activities that enrich their academic experience and prepare them for the rigors and opportunities of a graduate education. The Fellows program provides programming and individual mentoring to develop academic philosophies, interview skills, and competitive resumes. Fellows are recognized for their accomplishments at commencement. Membership in the Wilmington Fellows is a distinction recognizing dedication to the pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth and development.

Incoming Wilmington Fellows are full members of the UNCW Honors Scholars College. They differ from other Honors Scholars by making an early commitment to participate in UNCW faculty-mentored research and creative discovery, sometimes as soon as their freshman year. They also are expected to pursue major international, national and state scholarships, fellowships, internships, and awards geared toward successful acceptance to post-baccalaureate graduate programs. Fellows attend regular meetings with Honors College advisors to gauge their progress toward being competitive for awards and scholarships and they participate in activities of a scholarly nature, which enrich their undergraduate experience.

Is the Fellows Program for me?

Participation in the Wilmington Fellows Program is a mark of distinction, as it is limited to a small group of high-achieving, talented UNCW Honors students whose academic career goals may follow a different path than other students. Fellows attend yearly receptions with university administrators, receive publicity of major awards and fellowships, and are identified at commencement.

What is the timeline for invitation and interview? What are the requirements?

After a search team reviews Honors College applicants, potential Fellows are invited to interview for the program. The invitation process is competitive, and considers high school GPA, standardized test scores, Honors/Fellows essays, letters of recommendation, and high school involvement. Students accepting a Fellows invitation must interview with the Honors College, either via SKYPE or at the UNCW Seahawk Preview Day. Students will be notified of a Fellows decision by May 1. In addition to other merit scholarship monies that may have been offered to them, Fellows are also awarded a renewable $750 Wilmington Fellows merit scholarship from the Honors College each year (please note that total scholarship dollars awarded cannot exceed cost of attendance). Fellows are expected to maintain a 3.75 or higher GPA at UNCW and participate in all Fellows events and required activities; renewal of Fellows scholarship is contingent on GPA.

Second Year Entry

Based on exceptional grades, early involvement in research, and academic goals consistent with the mission of the Fellows, two to three Fellows may be invited to join the Fellows after completion of the first year at UNCW. Please see the Honors College director for more information. At this point, however, we are not able to offer the $750 Wilmington Fellows merit scholarship.