HON 120: Happiness Emphasis visits Iceland in spring 2018.


On the Horizon 

HON 121-301: Happiness Emphasis: Costa Rica

 Becca Rampe

Spring 2019

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HON 121-302: Becoming a Global Citizen: Spain

Jennifer Fernandez-Villa

Spring 2019

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HON 121- 305: Cruising the Cultures of the Mediterranean

Marianella Jara and Eric Tessier

Spring 2019

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jaram@uncw.edu or tessiere@uncw.edu


Honors Dive In: Consumer Culture and Shopping Society: London

Shawn Bingham

Fall 2019

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Honors Global Citizen Recognition

first recipient of the global citizen recognitionThe Honors Global Citizen Recognition is an option for students completing University or Departmental Honors that encourages students to make global discoveries on campus and abroad.

Students who complete the requirements receive a certificate and recognition at the Honors Medallion Ceremony. They are also featured on our website.

To qualify for this distinction, students must:

  • Maintain the required honors GPA on all college work attempted in the United States or abroad.
  • Develop and complete an honors project (499) that has shows active engagement with global issues, such as an increased awareness of international issues, understanding of global interdependence, or demonstration of global citizenship.
  • Proposals must be reviewed by the Office of International Programs and Honors College, and application is done through an online survey.
  • Earn at least 6 student credit hours in a UNCW-approved education abroad program.
  • Complete at least the 202 level, or equivalent, of a foreign language with a C or better grade.
  • Complete at least one HON seminar with global content. Check with the director for approval.
  • Complete nine additional hours of 3-credit hour courses with global content with a C or better in each. These classes may be selected from courses approved for the International Studies major or minor, or from the University Studies courses approved for global content. At least two disciplinary areas must be represented.
  • Apply.

Honors Semester Abroad at the University of Swansea (Wales)

honors students in wales

Program Information for Spring Semester Study Abroad in Swansea, Wales

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