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Honors 110 Overview and Student Learning Outcomes

Cultural and Service Requirements

Day One Handout: Schedule Overview What is a Seminar?
Powerpoint Assignment Instructions "Grade Yourself in Seminar"

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is a public comprehensive university dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and artistic achievement, and service. UNCW's mission statement calls upon its faculty "to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression" across all disciplines and professional fields. It also stresses the prime importance of undergraduate teaching.

With that in mind, the purpose of the Honors first-year seminar is not only to explore the campus, but also to delve into the nature of the university and what the "life of the mind" is about. How will a liberal arts education change you and affect your future? This is also a chance to learn about how a seminar operates, to research a topic in depth, and to explore how you will get the most from your years at UNCW. The class is designed to introduce Honors students to the college experience by direct involvement in scholarship, service, and leadership activities. This class format includes guest speakers, workshops and field experiences, collaborative learning, and independent scholarship. There is an emphasis on discussion and there are required student projects.

To explore these topics, we will spend class time in various ways during the fall semester. Class meets from at 12:30 to 1:45 Tuesday and Thursday. Some days we will meet together and some days in your individual sections. Common syllabus materials are above.

Cultural Activities and Tickets

The Honors College offers tickets to Honors students for cultural events around the Wilmington/Cape Fear Region. Each year we secure a limited number of tickets to symphonies, lectures, concerts, and passes to area cultural treasures like the Cameron Art Museum, Airlie Gardens, the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, and other venues. Also the Honors Scholars Association will sponsor several cultural activites this year. See the table below for links to different cultural venues.

Tickets must be picked up from Nikki Kroushl in Randall 2007D. 

List of 2019-2020 Cultural Event Free Tickets

Note: All first year Honors Scholars are required to participate in and react to at least 3 different cultural activities at UNCW or in the Wilmington area during the fall semester and at least 2 different cultural activities during the spring semester. Your seminar instructors have specifics about this.

Service Activities

Most Honors Scholars are interested in volunteer activities on campus or in the community. Below are links to several of the agencies in Wilmington that offer service opportunities. You can also visit the Center for Leadership, Education, and Service for more ideas. The Honors Scholars Association will sponsor several service activities this year.

Note: All first-year Honors Scholars are required to participate in and react to at least 4 hours of volunteer service activities through UNCW or in the Wilmington area (2 different types). Your seminar instructor will have specifics about this.

Links to Cultural and Service Opportunities on and off campus

Cultural Arts at UNCW- UNCW Presents, etc.

Fort Fisher Aquarium

UNCW CARE/Crossroads

Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital

UNCW Leadership Lecture Series Wilmington Symphony

St. Mary Dental Clinic

CLES Opportunities at UNCW
Airlie Gardens Big Dawg Productions

Kids Making It Woodworking Program

St. Mary Social Outreach
Chamber Music Society of Wilmington Multicultural and Diversity Events and Activities Campus/Community Cape Fear River Watch

Domestic Violence Shelter/ Vintage Values

Bellamy Mansion

Cameron Art Museum CapeFear Health Net Cape Fear Clinic

North Carolina Symphony

Departmental Lecture Series: Psychology, Biology, History among others

Good Shepherd Soup Kitchen and Shelter

Wilmington Health Access for Teens

UNCW Theater Full Belly Project Phoenix Employment Ministry
USS Battleship North Carolina North Carolina Coastal Land Trust UNCW/WHA Community Campus Coastal Horizons

You may also want to check out the great activities offered by other organizations:  

CSURF Campus Activities and Involvement Career Services

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