Departmental Honors- Required Critical Reflection

Honors Project Critical Reflection Prompts

Answer the following questions about your Departmental Honors Project (XXX 499). Be thoughtful and detailed about your analysis. Do not confine your answers to positive experiences; reflection on experiences that did not turn out as planned is also valuable.

  1. Prior Learning
    1. Discuss the relevant theories, ideas, and skills that you were able to apply while conducting your honors project or that helped guide this experience.
  2. Present Experience
    1. Describe two things you did for your honors project and examine the results of these actions on your project, on others, on the discipline in general, and on yourself (whether intended or not).
    2. Discuss any assumptions or conceptions (about yourself, others, or how things work) that were confirmed or contradicted by your experience doing an honors project.
  3. Your Future
    1. Analyze the implications of what you learned while conducting an honors project for your future.
    2. Discuss the pros and cons of applied learning as it relates to your learning style.