Interdisciplinary Honors Project- HON 499

HON 499 - Interdisciplinary Honors Project

Credits: 2 - 3

Prerequisite: Eligibility for honors program and senior standing. Independent work for honors students. Satisfies University Studies V: Explorations Beyond the Classroom.

In some cases, especially those involving an interdisciplinary interest, a student wishes to conduct honors level research or creative scholarly work under the supervision of a faculty member who is not a member of the department* that offers the student's declared major. This is now possible with HON 499, Interdisciplinary Honors Project.

  • With the support of the faculty member wishing to supervise the research, a student may petition to register for HON 499 Interdisciplinary Honors Project. After completing the DH1 form, the student must supply a statement with the DH2 form describing how the proposed project is "interdisciplinary." This must then be approved by representatives from the Honors Council.
  • The instructor of record of HON 499 will be the faculty member directly supervising the student's research.
  • Together, the faculty supervisor and the student develop the description of the project using the DH2 form.
  • They would also organize a faculty committee consisting of a minimum of three members, just as all departmental honors projects require: 1) the faculty supervisor, 2) an additional faculty member from the department of the faculty supervisor, and 3) a third faculty member from any department, though it is expected that this would often be a faculty member from the student's major.
  • As with all 499 projects, the faculty supervisor and the members of the committee must be UNCW faculty at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor.
  • The DH2 will be reviewed by the head of the faculty member's department and the Honors College Director, and if approved, the student would be registered for HON 499.
  • Six hours over at least 2 semesters will be required, identical to typical 499 projects.
  • The notation on the transcript showing registration for hours will be HON 499: Interdisciplinary Honors Project.
  • The notation for distinction (i.e., on the diploma) will be "with interdisciplinary honors".
  • It should be noted that many honors projects are interdisciplinary in nature; however, if the student's faculty supervisor is a member of the department that offers the student's major, then the student will apply for Honors in the Major (e.g., CHM 499), not HON 499.
*(or in the case of HAAS, school)