Abrons Student Health Center

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Incoming Students 

Information on Immunization Requirements for new students can be found on the Incoming Students page. More detail about North Carolina’s immunization requirements can be found on the NC Immunization Branch’s website.

Immunizations available on campus

The following immunizations are available at the Student Health Center for an additional charge. Additional information about each disease can be found by clicking on the immunization’s name.

Tuberculosis screening (TB test)

TB screening is required for incoming International Students from high-risk countries. For a list of high-risk countries, click here.

TB screening is available at the Student Health Center. We offer both TB skin testing and Quantiferon Gold blood tests. Students who get a TB skin test must return 48-72 hours later to have the test read. TB skin tests are not available on Thursday.


To make an appointment please call the Student Health Center at 910-962-3280

Updated May 12, 2022