Abrons Student Health Center

Predatory Drug Alert

  • Don't leave your drink unattended at the table or bar while you are dancing, talking with friends, or in the bathroom.
  • Only drink from unopened bottles or cans, or drinks that you have watched being poured.
  • Do not take any beverages from someone you do not know well and trust.
  • Avoid "group drinks" such as punch bowls. Predatory drugs are easily slipped into large open containers such as these.
  • Never attend or leave a party without a trusted friend. Never allow a friend to leave a party or bar with an unknown person.

In addition,

  • Pay attention to any internal warning signs or "gut" reactions
  • Be clear about your emotional and physical boundaries,
  • Avoid the excessive use of alcohol or other drugs,
  • Choose to exit situations whenever you feel anxious, even if you fear looking foolish or losing an argument, and
  • Give yourself permission to put your needs first.

Have fun and always take care of your friends!

If something does happen, UNCW CARE has staff trained in responding to sexual assault available 24/7 at 962-CARE or 512-4821.