Abrons Student Health Center

Signs of Abuse

Here is a quick assessment you can take to identify an alcohol or other drug problems. This is for early recognition before the symptoms are exaggerated or person is dysfunctional. We assure you this is confidential.

When answering choose your response by the way the person uses, not by how much or how often.

Do you sometimes look forward to using or getting high when you should be doing something else?
When you do use, do you take as much as you can as quickly as possible?
Do you ever find yourself using or drinking more than you or others think you should.
Do you ever find yourself using alone? Even if others may be around, are you using alone?
Do you ever protect your supply so as not to be caught short when you might need it?
When feeling poorly, do you ever think, "If I only had alcohol or other drug, I 'd feel better?"
Do you find you are able to use more now and still remain remarkably efficient?
Do you ever have "holes in your memory", where you couldn't remember what you did when you used?

A "yes" answer to at least four (4) may indicate problem usage.