Abrons Student Health Center

Substance Use at UNCW

UNCW CROSSROADS conducts annual surveys of the student population to measure alcohol and other drug use, related consequences, perceptions of other students' behavior, and attitudes. Some of these surveys utilize a random sample of the student population, while others include a convenience sample, such as all students enrolled in a specific Basic Studies course. Below, you will find some key statistics from recent surveys that may be of interest.

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You can also find resources from our professional presentations on our Research page, including data from our work with fraternities and sororities, sport clubs, peer educators, and more.

What drugs do UNCW students use?

In the last 30 days, students report using:

This data is from our Fall 2014 Substance Use survey, completed online by a random representative sample of 572 students.

Extensive data and more information can be obtained by contacting CROSSROADS at 962-4136.