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Program Topics

Crossroads can create a custom program for any audience. When you request a program, we will work with you to tailor our presentations to your group and any relevant concerns. Crossroads Peer Educators are available to present the following programs for your club, class, or organization. To request a program please complete the Program Form.

  • Drinking: Are you Doing it Right?  seeks to challenge common collegiate perceptions of drinking by encouraging students who choose to drink to practice techniques such as “buzz maintenance” to prolong good times, while simultaneously making the experience safer. Based on the BASICS curriculum, this program creates an interactive experience between the presenter and the audience to discuss common perceptions of drinking and how alcohol is consumed in college. Discussion includes relatable and practical topics such as tolerance, blackouts, and hangovers. “Drinking, Are You Doing It Right?’ provides an informative, engaging, and applicable format to educate students on safer consumption practices.
  • He Drinks, She Drinks: this presentation allows us to educate students with a non-judgmental approach to alcohol, while providing education and information on ways to drink safer. Using interactive activities and discussions, the goal of this program is to increase interest and retention of safer drinking. This program also addresses alcohol expectations, positive and negative consequences from drinking, and how to navigate the college party scene even if you're a non-drinker.
  • How Drunk Are Your Friends? A quick activity which demonstrates how different amounts of alcohol affects men and women of different weights. The discussion includes behaviors associated with various BAC levels, protective strategies, and how to intervene as a bystander when friends need help.
  • Marijuana Trivia Night: This program features several rounds of questions related to the health effects and science of marijuana use, medical marijuana, campus statistics, and more.

These activities can be the focus of your event or program or set up at a table during a social event:

  • Blackout Blackjack: This fun and fast card game teaches students about standard drinks, BAC, and how much alcohol is in a variety of popular drinks, including PJ.
  • The Tiki Bar: Our award-winning program features interactive stations for students to pour and measure "drinks", compare the effects of different mixers, and identify helpful and harmful strategies. Students receive instant feedback about their choices.
  • Soberlebrities: This matching game highlights those who identify as in long term recovery.

Presentation can include the folliwng topics:

  • Decision Making
  • Refusal Skills
  • Social Norms (i.e. helping students understand that most students don't use and actually look at substance use negatively)
  • Physical and Psychological Effects of Alcohol & Other Drug Use, including differences between the adult and adolescent brain
  • Personal susceptibility (helping students recognize that everyone is equally susceptible to the negative consequences associated with substance use)
  • Healthy alternatives to drugs (i.e. "natural highs")
  • Stress and coping
  • Goal-setting and lifestyle incongruence