Hawk e-News

The weekly email publication (Hawk eNews) and Instagram account (@uncwhen) features selected campus programs, events, and announcements throughout the year. 

The Hawk eNews is sent out every Tuesday during the academic year and @uncwhen provides daily announcements all year long. 


Process for Hawk eNews Features

  1. Requests are limited to UNCW Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) and Campus Departments. Requests from non-UNCW entities will not be accommodated. Advertised events cannot serve alcohol or encourage substance use. 
  2. RSO's and Campus Departments with WaveLink pages do not need to contact hawkenews@uncw.edu with event feature requests. By submitting events into WaveLink, you are automatically considered for inclusion in the Hawk eNews and Bathroom Calendars. 
  3. Events held by RSO's will only be considered if they have been submitted and approved by CAIC via WaveLink. All RSO's have WaveLink pages. 
  4. Campus Departments may request a WaveLink page by contacting activities@uncw.eduIt is highly recommended campus departments who organize events frequently do this to maximize publicity efforts. If your Campus Department organizes events more sporadically (I.E., a few times a semester, once a year, etc.), they may continue contacting hawkenews@uncw.edu with event informatin at least 14 days prior to the Hawk eNews publication you wish your event to be featured in. 
  5. If you would like your event to be featured on Hawk eNews social media, please follow and tag @UNCWHEN on Instagram whenever you post about your event. 


Process for UNCWHEN Features

(1) Make sure your program account follows @uncwhen on Instagram. 

(2) Set your Instagram account to proper settings to allow post/story sharing. 

  • Log in to your department account and go to your profile page. 
  • Click on the top right corner to access Settings.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Underneath Interactions, click on Story
  • Scroll down to Sharing, and set Allow Resharing to Stories to blue.

(3) When you want an event or announcement on @uncwhen, please tag @uncwhen in your post caption, as a "person" in your post, or in your story. 

(4) It is recommended you tag @uncwhen closer to the time the event is taking place. 24-48 hours in advance is prime time to allow students to see the promotion but no too far they may forget.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What can @uncwhen share? 

  • Events being held on-campus, or held over Zoom, Facebook Live, or similar online platforms. This includes but is not limited to workshops, community engagement, fitness, gaming, or passive programs. Off-campus programs may be promoted if they are organized by UNCW student organizations or departments.
  • Announcement such as student employment and volunteer opportunities, general deadlines, or news you would like to be shared with the community. 

Why was my event not shown on the Hawk eNews email publication?

  • Due to the high amount of events each week (sometimes 30+), we are unable to showcase every single event on campus. For events not including in the Hawk eNews email, we strive to include on the Instagram and Facebook accounts. We recommend utilizing every publicity resource available to you at UNCW to maximize community outreach. This includes but is not limited to services through WaveLink, OUR, and Housing & Residence Life.