Graduate Student Association

Frequently Asked Questions

I am curious about the procedures to apply for a GSA travel grant. What are the necessary steps?

Fill out a Request Form from the 'Forms & Policies' link, and return it to the GSA Treasurer.

Reminder: If you apply for the Graduate School travel award and you are presenting at a conference (currently up to $1,000), you could also apply to your departmental GSA travel award as well. If you do not apply for the Graduate School travel grant, you can apply to both the GSA travel award (currently up to $350) and your Departmental GSA as well. You are eligible for either Graduate School and Departmental GSA travel awards OR GSA and Departmental GSA travel awards.

I am looking for volunteers and possible collaboration with other GSA departments. What should I do?

You may always announce any potential volunteer or project opportunities at any of our general body meetings. Email our GSA email with further details as to what your group would like to collaborate on as well. Our email is

The GSA emails are annoying and constantly fill up my inbox. How can I unsubscribe?

Please feel free to let any GSA executive board member know. We will gladly unsubscribe your email address from our list. Also email Marybeth Phillips ( from the Graduate School Office to be taken off that list directly.

How can I join your monthly GSA meetings online?

Each month, GSA will be sending out information to join our meetings online via WebEx. In the GSA email, a link will take you directly to the GSA Zoom meeting online space. All you would need is the following:

  • Go to the Zoom link provided in the monthly GSA email from Marybeth Phillips.
  • Click to join.

Be reminded, there should be at least one student from each Departmental GSA to attend the monthly meeting to receive funding. This can be both online and in person.