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Departmental GSA

Departmental GSAs may request departmental grants, and the grant proposal shall be submitted every year. These grants may be requested for guest speakers, socials, one-time programs, equipments, or travels. These grants are to provide departments with funds to help improve intellectual experiences for graduate students at UNCW.

  • The Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC) is moving to a Spring re-registration process for all the Registered Student Organizations( RSO). ALL THE DEPARTMENTAL GSAs are responsible to update their new officer names and contact info on SeaORG.Every organization must retain its active registration status with CAIC and UNCW.

Departmental GSA Funding Process

  • Departments must fill out a Request Form and submit it to the GSA Treasurer, along with a Budget, preferably at the end of Spring semester.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual departmental GSA to elect the new officers, re- register with the Campus Activirties & Involvement Center, along with the new officers contact information.
  • Departments must be in good standing with the GSA in order to receive funding (See GSA Constitution, Article XII, Section 3). Every Departmental GSA must send at least one reprensentative to monthly GSA meeting, in order to meet requirement. Failure to meet requirement would results in funding freeze..
  • Departmental GSA fund distribution and usage is under the discretion of the departmental GSA officers.
  • Every Department GSA is eligible to apply for Equipment Grant. The award amount is varied based on the existing fund.
  • In select circumstances, the applicant may request a presentation in order for funding to be granted or to consider special circumstances not covered by the standard request form.
  • All funding inquiries could be made to the current GSA treasurer.

GSA Departmental Grant Application * (PDF)

GSA Equipment Grant Application *.(PDF)

  • If there is not a departmental GSA currently in your deparment, Please consult with Campus Activities & Involvement Center to start a new organization: How to start a New Registered Student Organization * (link)
  • Departmental GSA officers are advised to leave transition binders or good practices notes for the new successors. More Information on Officer Transition, Responsibilities and Budget Draft, Please consult Nicole Fedders, Assistant Director for Campus Activities & Involvement ( or 910.962.3553 (Main Office Line).

Departmental-GSA Representative 2016-2017

Conflict Management
Creative Writing


Graduate Liberal Studies
Marine Science
Business Administration
Public Administration
Educational Leadership
Social Work GSA Caitlin Lafferty President

Comp. Sc. & Info System

Cody Polera President