Graduate Student Association

2016-2017 Executive Board

VP Deepak Krishnappa

President - Deepak Krishnappa

Deepak is currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science and Information Systems at UNCW. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and his areas of Interests are Tech Consulting and Project Management. Deepak has also served as a President for the GSA – MSCSIS and associated with many other student organizations at UNCW. He loves to travel, meet more people, make new friends, and find happiness in volunteering.


Senator and Vice President -
Elizabeth Kane

Libby Kane is a student in the Cameron School of Business' MBA program. Her undergraduate work and interests are in public relations, higher education, athletics and digital media. As the graduate school senator, Libby's objective in serving is to represent the needs, interests and issues of all graduate students.

Treasurer Colton Sinkovich

Treasurer - Colton Sinkovich

Colton Sinkovich is a first year graduate student pursuing a MS in Instructional Technology. He currently works on various UNCW websites as a web content manager. His main interests are edtech, web development, and learning theory. As Treasurer for the GSA, Colton looks forward to helping graduate students utilize the different resources available to them and to assist them in learning outside of the classroom, whether it be attending conferences, collecting data, or traveling to present their research.

Secretary Heather Buyu

Secretary - Heather Buyu

Heather is currently pursuing a M.Sc in Mathematics with a concentration on pure Mathematics. Her plan is to, hopefully in the near future, get a PhD in Mathematics. In her free time she enjoys reading and taking long naps.


President Nikolai Lipscomb

President (Fall 2016) - Nikolai Lipscomb

Nikolai Lipscomb is in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at UNCW. He holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. His current research areas are numerical partial differential equations and nonnegative matrix factorisation.