The Graduate School

Clearing for Graduation


You are responsible for making sure that you are clear for graduation.

Program Degree Audit

Your program degree audit must show that you have completed all requirements for the degree before you will be cleared to graduate. Program degree audit issues or questions should be directed to your department or program coordinator.

Account Balance

Make sure you do not have an outstanding balance on your student account. Students with outstanding balances will not be able to receive transcripts, a diploma, or certificate.

Clearing Process

The final review of degree requirements for graduation will be made at the end of the current term. When all courses and other requirements, as specified in the Graduate Catalogue, have been completed satisfactorily you will receive your degree. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your adviser or graduate coordinator to insure that all paperwork necessary to clear you for graduation is turned in to the Graduate School before the end of the term that you intend to graduate.

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your requirements for graduation are met.

Degrees are not awarded immediately after the date of graduation, it takes about 30 to 45 days afterwards to clear everyone and award degrees. Once degrees are awarded diplomas will be mailed.

Graduation Exit Survey

We invite you to participate in the graduation exit survey.  The information collected will be analyzed to help improve and support graduate programs at UNCW.

Steps to access the graduation survey:

  1. Login to SeaNet
  2. Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Graduate Student Survey
  • The survey will need to be competed in one sitting, please allow yourself time to complete the survey.