The Graduate School

2011 Convocation

Parking Privileges and Eligibility for Graduate Student Teaching Assistants


Graduate students with TAs may be eligible for a Teaching Assistant parking permit that will allow them to park in non-gated Faculty/Staff parking areas. These TA permits will be provided to eligible TAs on a yearly basis. The Graduate School will submit a definitive list of TAs to Parking and Transportation Services at the beginning of each semester.

**Note:  A TA parking permit cost is equal to the cost of a Zone 1 parking permit.  Students that are eligible for a TA parking permit and currently have a non-TA parking permit can upgrade to a TA parking permit.  Students that upgrade their current permit to a TA permit will be required to pay the cost difference between the permits.


Graduate students must be teaching a course/lab. (i.e. graduate students who are the sole teaching authority in a full lecture class). Students will initially be assigned to Zone 1 but are eligible to upgrade to a TA permit.

GA's and RA's: Graduate students with GAs, RAs or other campus employment are not eligible for TA parking.

How to Obtain Your Pass

  1. Register for student parking online through mySeaport after you have registered for courses.
  2. 2 weeks after the start of classes visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office. You will need to remove your student parking sticker from your vehicle and bring it with you. It is okay if the sticker is destroyed in the removal process.