The Graduate School

2011 Convocation

2020-2021 Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards Call for Nominations

Four (4) Graduate Teaching Awards ($250 each) will be awarded by the Graduate School in recognition of outstanding teaching. Recipients must demonstrate exceptional competence in teaching and mentoring of undergraduates. They must show clear mastery of their subject material and communicate it with enthusiasm and clarity to undergraduates. Teaching activities may include classroom lecturing, tutoring, running help sessions, working with the Learning Center, assisting undergraduates in career development, and working with students in the computer labs.

Nominees must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress toward completion of their own degree. Students may be nominated for this award by faculty, graduate coordinators, department chairs, graduate or undergraduate students, or the staff of the Learning Center. Students who are nominated and who wish to be considered should submit:

(1) A statement of her/his teaching philosophy. This link provides information on writing a statement of teaching philosophy

(2) A list of courses the student assisted with or taught, including a clear description of the student’s responsibilities and contributions.

Also submit if relevant:

(3) Examples of course materials that the student had primary responsibility in developing.

(4) Information about the student’s attendance and participation in seminars or workshops designed to promote quality teaching at a professional level.

All information, along with the letter of nomination, should be submitted electronically to the appropriate graduate coordinator who will forward the materials to the Dean of the Graduate School, Each department or program may submit up to two (2) names to the Graduate School. These must be submitted by April 5, 2021 to be considered.

Decisions will be made by an ad hoc committee of members of the graduate faculty, who will be appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.