The Graduate School

Deferring Enrollment

1.  Reach Out Early 
If you are unable to attend the term of acceptance, reach out early to your program coordinator to discuss the option of a deferment.  Deferments are at the discretion of the program, and with approval your acceptance may be deferred once for up to one academic year.

2.  Drop Course(s) & Decline the Offer
Drop your courses in SeaNet by the drop/add deadline to avoid a financial and/or grade penalty.  Also, complete the form to decline the offer of acceptance for the term admitted.

Decline Offer Form »

3.  Complete Deferment Request Form
Complete the deferment request form (prior to the first day of classes for term admitted).  Deferments are a one-time request and may be considered for up to one academic year from admission, with approval of the program coordinator.
Deferment Request Form »

4.  Next Steps
The Graduate School ( will email the next steps once the approved deferment has been processed.

5.  Financial Awards & Scholarships
Financial awards and scholarships do not carry over to the following year.  Students must reapply to be considered for financial awards, scholarships, and financial aid.