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Students may transfer graduate course credit from another regionally accredited institution in partial fulfillment of degree requirements.  No more than one-third of the required program credit, up to a maximum of 12 credits, can be transferred.  When special circumstances warrant, students may petition the Graduate School for transfer of more than twelve semester hours, not to exceed one-third of the total hours required for any program. Each such petition must be accompanied by a statement of endorsement from the appropriate dean.  

Grades earned on transferred work must be equivalent to B or better. Transferred credit will be accepted by the Graduate School only upon recommendation of the program coordinator for the program. Graduate School must have an official transcript showing the satisfactory completion of courses offered for transfer credit. All transfer credit is evaluated individually by the Graduate School and must be submitted through the Request for Transfer Credit Form (  International transfer credit must be evaluated through World Education Service (  Please contact the Graduate School for questions regarding transfer credit.

Courses taken more than five calendar years prior to the admission of a student into a master’s degree program or ten calendar years prior to admission to a doctoral degree at UNCW normally are not accepted for credit toward fulfilling the requirements of the student’s degree program. In some cases, however, with approval of the student’s advisory committee and department/unit chair, a student may petition the Graduate School to accept for credit work that is outside of these time limits.

Experiential Learning

The UNCW Graduate School will consider awarding transfer credit for experiential learning accepted for credit at another institution only if the experience was an integral part of a graduate program (e.g., internships, field experience) and was supervised and approved by the institution.

To have transfer credit awarded the Graduate School must:

  1. Receive official transcript(s) showing the satisfactory completion of transfer courses, and
  2. Receive a transfer credit form.
Submitting Transcripts
Submit Paper Transcripts to:

UNCW Graduate School

601 S. College Rd.

Wilmington, NC 28403-5955

Electronic password protected transcripts may be sent directly from the institution to:
Transfer Credit Request Forms
Form Description
Transient Study

This form is for the request and approval of transfer credit prior to taking the transfer course(s). Mainly for students who need or are eligible for financial aid.

Transfer Credit

This form is required for all students that have completed their transfer courses and are requesting to transfer the credit to their graduate student record. (Transient and transfer credit forms should be sent to the Graduate School.)