The Graduate School

Dr. Ralph W. Brauer Fellowship

The Brauer Fellowship is established to assist degree-seeking students currently enrolled in graduate programs at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and is intended to support extraordinary projects and activities generally not funded through other means at the university (i.e., the graduate school, GSA, individual departments, research grants, etc.). Fellowships of up to one-thousand dollars can be awarded contingent on available funding. Students proposing to attend conferences, whether or not they are presenting, usually would not be considered under Brauer Fellowship guidelines. Graduate students are encouraged to think creatively in identifying and designing projects that provide unique opportunities for professional development. Examples of the kinds of projects that would be considered extraordinary include:

  • An English student traveling to interview an author;
  • A history student traveling to a library at a remote site to work with original documents; or,
  • A biology student taking a short course, unavailable locally, to learn a vital technique.

Additionally, this competitive fellowship will be awarded to graduate students who propose special projects that:

  • Further their individual or professional development;
  • Relate to their area of research and scholarship; and,
  • Have outcomes related to their success in achieving their graduate degree.

Guidelines for Application

Completed application packages must be submitted electronically to the Graduate School Administrator, Wanda Underwood ( by April 1 of each academic year, and must include:

  • A fully completed and signed application form. (Application Form)
  • Two attached letters of reference, including one from the student's thesis/project advisor and one from the chair, director or dean of the department/school in which the student is studying. Reference letters should clearly support the proposed project and include a justification of the budgetary request.

  • A narrative statement (maximum two-pages, single-spaced, eleven- or twelve-point font) that fully describes the activities the student will complete if the fellowship is granted. The applicant should address how project activities:

    1. will further his/her individual and professional development;
    2. relate to his/her area of research and scholarship; and
    3. demonstrate outcomes related to his/her success in achieving a graduate degree.
  • A detailed budget indicating how the fellowship funds will be used.
  • A budget justification that includes a statement of how the proposed project/activity falls outside of currently existing funding.