The Graduate School


Graduate Council Membership

Chair: Dr. Christopher Finelli, Dean, Graduate School
Term Ends
CAS Division I
Robin Post Theatre Spring 2024
Sarah Hallenback English Spring 2025
Daniel Johnson Music Spring 2023
CAS Division II
M. Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez Psychology Spring 2025
Amanda Williard Biology and Marine Biology Spring 2023
Clayton Ferner Computer Science Spring 2024
CAS Division III
Jennifer Le Zotte History Spring 2023
Kati Sudnick Communication Studies Fall 2022
Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock Communication Studies Spring 2024 (Excused for Fall 2022)
Cameron School of Business
Jeffrey Cummings Congdon School of Supply Chain, Data Analytics, and Information Systems Spring 2023
Lorraine Lee Accountancy and Business Law Spring 2024
Watson College of Education
Kevin McClure Educational Leadership Spring 2023
Daisyane Barreto Instructional Technology Spring 2024
College of Health and Human Services
Kristin Mapson School of Social Work Spring 2024

Ex-Officio and Non-Voting Members

Aswani Volety Chancellor

James Winebrake

Provost and Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
Rob Burrus Dean of the Cameron School of Business
Michelle Scatton-Tessier Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Justine Reel Interim Dean of the College of Health and Human Services
Van Dempsey Dean of the Watson College of Education
Lucy Holman Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning & Library Services and Dean of the Library
Nathaniel Grove Faculty Senate President
Julia Mobley GSA President

Updated 8/15/2022