The Graduate School

Graduate School Contacts

Portrait of Chris Finelli.






Christopher M. Finelli, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School
910-962-3224 |

washington wendy






Wendy Donlin-Washington, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of the Graduate School
910-962-3886 |

Marybeth Phillips


Marybeth Phillips

Executive Assistant
910-962-4117 |

Contact Me:  To schedule meetings with the Dean, about Grad student travel allocation awards, GSA travel grants, degree verification, Graduate Council, Graduate Assistants.

Graduate Admissions (Prospective Graduate Student Support)

Contact Us:  About the admissions process and how to apply from prospective applicant to a decision being made, including the enrollment deposit, accepting / declining the offer of admission, deferment, and the next steps to be successful in graduate studies.


Portrait of Kimberly Goerne Harris.






Kimberly Goerne Harris

Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions Team
910-962-7303 | 


Portrait of Cameron Stutts






Cameron Stutts 

Admissions Specialist
Graduate Admissions Team
910-962-7303 |


Portrait of Victoria Hill






Victoria Hill 

Admissions Specialist
Graduate Admissions Team
910-962-7303 |








Brenna Ramsey

Admissions Specialist
Graduate Admissions Team
910-962-7303 |


Portrait Paul Johnston






Paul Johnston

Admissions Specialist
Graduate Admissions Team
910-962-7303 |



Corinne Gregson

Graduate Admissions Team








Brandon Rose

Graduate Admissions Team



Gracie Packard

Undergraduate Student Worker



Molly Avery

Undergraduate Student Worker

Current Graduate Student Support


Portrait of Debra Savage.






Debra Savage

Administrative Specialist
910-962-3984 |

Contact Me:  About registrations (DIS, Internships and UG/GR requests), transfer credits (traditional and OAP), residency, student loan verification.








Bethany Kinzly

Student Services Specialist
910-962-2422 |

Contact Me:  About registrations, continuous enrollment, time ticket and registration PIN errors, Graduate Faculty list.

Catalogue & Curriculum



Linda Byrnes

Administrative Specialist/Editor and Publisher, Graduate School Catalogue
910-962-2962 |

Contact Me:  About the catalogue, curriculum changes and the Curriculog system.

Data & Reporting

Contact Us:  About reporting or data requests, graduation, DegreeWorks, degree audits, petitions and academic standing.


Nick Davis

Nick Davis

Technology Support and Data Analyst
910-962-7397 |