The Graduate School

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Graduate School

UNCW is among the top-ranked public, master's-focused universities in the South.

The Graduate School administers excellent master's programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Watson College of Education, the College of Health and Human Services, and the Cameron School of Business.

In addition, the following terminal degrees are offered in nationally renowned programs:  the M.F.A in creative writing, the M.F.A. in Filmmaking, the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, the Ph.D. in Psychology, the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)  and the Ph.D. in Integrative, Comparative and Marine Biology. 


The Graduate School provides leadership and coordination in developing and maintaining graduate programs that complement and extend UNCW's undergraduate offerings. These programs, which are responsive to local and national needs and consistent with the university's mission, are designed to prepare students for successful careers in basic and applied research, develop their art to a professional level, provide the necessary background skills and experience needed for many professional positions, or enable students to continue their education beyond UNCW. To meet these objectives, the Graduate School monitors programs to ensure that their standards and performance are of the highest quality. It also provides logistical support necessary to enhance the graduate experience and facilitate progress toward the degree. In adjusting to a changing educational environment, the Graduate School promotes communication and cooperation among faculty and students across traditional academic boundaries, promotes development of innovative and interdisciplinary programs, seeks funding to support these programs, helps create an environment that will allow research and creative activity to flourish, and provides leadership in achieving diversity in all aspects of graduate education.

Revised 03/27/03
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