General Psychotherapy and Assessment Clinic

Clinic Training and Facilities

For current and prospective students in the Ph.D. General Clinical Psychology Program at UNCW, the GPAC Clinic is a Training Center providing state-of-the-art training and supervision in psychological assessment and the provision of evidence-based behavioral health treatment services. Special conditions surrounding the training function of the clinic (e.g., confidentiality within supervision structure, research options, protocols and limitations) are explained to patients/ clients at the time of initial consultation. All services are provided under the supervision of a licensed NC psychologist. Medical records are maintained on a secure database called Titanium Schedule.

Our clinic contains three rooms which are utilized for therapy, and one assessment room. Each room is equipped with a video camera and microphone which records all therapy/assessment sessions. These recordings are used for education purposes between supervisors and students and are never released to other individuals or taken out of the GPAC premises. After recordings are analyzed by supervisors or peers and feedback is given to the student clinician who performed the therapy/assessment, recordings are destroyed. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously.

The clinic and department maintain a large inventory of testing and assessment measures. Additionally, the clinic has a growing reference library and an excellent collection of empirically-supported treatment manual/ protocols. Computerized administration and scoring is available for frequently-used psychological tests. Library searches using Psych INFO and medical databases can be conducted on site. See our Policies and Procedure Manual for more information.

Student Clinicians and Supervisor Meeting
Therapy Room
Testing Room
Therapy Room
Therapy Room