General Psychotherapy and Assessment Clinic

Student Clinician Providing Psychotherapy to a Client
Student Clinician Providing Family Therapy to a Parent and Child
Student Clinician Providing Psychotherapy to a client
The GPAC Team

General Psychotherapy & Assessment Clinic

Welcome to the UNCW GPAC!


COVID-19 Update: We currently are not providing in-person services for therapy or assessment, but are presently offering teletherapy services.

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Our Clinic

The mission of the GPAC is to be a center of excellence in training psychologists and serving the community. We are a psychology clinic associated with the UNCW Doctoral Program in General Clinical Psychology (Click here for more information on this program). The clinic provides psychotherapy services to individuals aged 7 and up in need of effective, affordable treatment, as well as psychodiagnostic assessments for adults, while also providing supervised training for graduate student clinicians.

Professional Services

Professional services are offered in the areas of clinical expertise of our faculty supervisors, who are licensed psychologists. Because we are part of a major research university, our faculty supervisors and student therapists employ the most helpful evidence-based treatment methods. We are fortunate to have experts in several specialty services or areas of practice, and our students are supervised in the delivery of these services.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The UNCW GPAC embraces the concept of human diversity and the goal of providing sensitive and competent care to all. We maintain a commitment to treat all patients/clients as valued and respected individuals across all differences. The UNCW Community recognizes that global diversity is increasing in our everyday lives and asks all of us to challenge ourselves to develop qualities of adaptability, flexibility, and versatility so that we may all learn to work effectively with those different from ourselves. The GPAC Clinic is further committed to the concept of cultural humility in training and in providing services. We embrace an inclusive definition of diversity, including age, culture, developmental and acquired disabilities, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic differences. Further, we wish to learn from others while facilitating healing in our lives, and in the lives of those we serve and train.

Affordable Fees

Because we are a non-profit training clinic, we can provide patients/clients with professional, confidential psychological services that are affordable. The GPAC is currently offering teletherapy for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When sessions are able to return to in-person, the standard individual psychotherapy session fee is $40/session. However, fee reductions may be available and considered on an individual basis (i.e., dependent on individual's income and/or other financial limitations). Fee reductions require formal approval by the Clinic Director. We do not work with insurance companies at this time, and instead ask patients to pay for their services electronically.