Christina Logan 

As director of transition programs, Christina Logan is uniquely connected to UNCW students’ most momentous days, including orientation, convocation and graduation. She has always wanted to understand more about the world of education. This is why, when given the chance to complete an internship through the Ed.D. program at UNCW, Logan knew she wanted to partake in an international internship to see how foreign schools and universities structure their learning and administrative styles. 

She knew exactly where she wanted to go: London, England. 

“I was in London for seven days, and it wasn’t long enough,” said Logan. “I just wanted to learn as much as possible and figure out what I could apply when I got back. Being able to see structural leadership foundations in their K-12 system was surprising to me. The people leading the schools were so excited to have us there and have us see what they were doing.” 

Logan has exhibited a desire to help students for years, a passion that sparked when she was a student herself at George Mason University in Virginia. She served the GMU student body for years as an orientation leader and a senior office assistant, and when it came time to decide what she wanted out of her career, Logan knew continuing on this trajectory would make her happy. 

Logan now plans events such as new student orientation and Family and Alumni Weekend. She also implements peer mentoring programs and family programming. She is using her doctoral classes and what she learned in London to shape the experience of UNCW students and administrative staff. Seeing how collective the education efforts in London were, Logan returned Stateside with a desire to creative a positive work environment focused on teamwork. 

Logan says she is now more interested in other countries’ education systems than she ever has been before. This interest has bolstered her curiosity to discover the intricate details of the education system in America and to discover areas of strength and areas that need improvement. She says her trip also reignited her love for travel. 

“If anyone has the opportunity, I would recommend they should go abroad,” Logan said. “I’ve done it twice now, and every time I’ve walked away with a broader perspective on the world, on my place in the world, how I think, and how I view people and new experiences.” 

-- Caitlin Taylor ’18M