Varsha Kumar ’18

Moving overseas at 18, Varsha Kumar ’18 had to learn how to adjust to a new place and culture. She lived most of her life in India, but after traveling for six months following high school graduation, Kumar had her sights set on UNCW.

“For some reason, I wasn’t scared of moving to a whole different place where I didn’t know anyone,” she said about her decision. “I’m a really adventurous person, so it was exciting for me.”

Traveling is her main passion, and she plans to continue her travels after graduation. “I would love to take some time off and figure out what exactly I want to do,” Kumar said. “I know that I want to do something related to psychology.”

Part of what keeps her motivated is being able to celebrate her achievements in life. The thought of facing the “real world” intimidates her, but she insists she would not have made it this far without the help of UNCW. Through different programs and events, UNCW has become home to Kumar.

“I love everything about it: the faculty, students and Wilmington in general,” she said. “UNCW is in a perfect college town.”

Like many UNCW students, Kumar loves the connection she feels to the rest of the university. She has cherished meeting all kinds of new and interesting people through university-sponsored events. Connected through a sense of school pride and a shared love of place, students from all walks of life at UNCW easily come together to engage with one another. Campus organizations and events are essential meeting places for international students to bond with the larger university community.

Unsure, yet unafraid of what the future holds, with a degree from UNCW, Kumar believes her future will be bright no matter where she is.

-- Lauren Henderson 15