First-Year Learning Communities

Hollywood East Learning Community

Students in front of Screen Gems studio
Hollywood EastThe Hollywood East Learning Community is a community geared toward students with creative interests and skills in music, creative writing, acting, and/or film or television production. Students will gain a more focused exploration of the Arts and will work toward creating original productions to be displayed to the UNCW community. These projects will be short films or other commercial products or public service messages through which students can apply their creative talents of writing, developing a screenplay, creating a musical score, or producing the technical elements of a final production. Students in this community will reside in Pelican Hall and take FST 210 - Moviemakers and Scholars Series and the UNI 101 - University Studies course.

Hollywood East Members will live in Pelican Hall if their application is received by May 15th, 2020

While all first-year students are welcome to apply, this community is especially suited for those considering majors in creative writing, communication studies, theatre, music, or film studies. Excursions to area arts events and activities will also be offered.

"Hollywood East gave me the incredible opportunity to live and work with some truly talented artists, writers, and filmmakers. Through this community, I have learned so much and have made some friendships that have, and will continue to shape my college experience for the better." ~ Megan Kessinger, Littleton, N.C.

For additional information or if you have any questions about this community, please email