First-Year Living Learning Communities

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Living Learning Communities

This living learning community is meant for students interested in any of the STEM majors, including Marine Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering. The STEM LLC will include 1 cohort of various STEM majors and 1 cohort specifically for Engineering Majors. Every STEM major has Chemistry 101 in common as a required course, taking it as part of a LLC will allow you to take the course with other STEM majors. Your lecture will be within a larger lecture group but your lab will be just with students in the same LLC. 

Residence Hall: Sandpiper Hall

STEM Cohorts

In addition to the classes below, the STEM cohort will have the option to add a third suggested course during early registration or orientation this summer. 

Table showing the two classes (7 credit hours) for this community (CHM 101 and UNI 101)
Course Title Hours Category
CHM 101 and CHML 101 General Chemistry I 4 Major; Scientific Approaches to the Natural World
UNI 101 First Year Seminar 3 Foundations


Below is a list of suggested courses that students may consider registering for during early registration and/or registration. Please consult with an academic advisor at the time of registration. 

  • Marine Biology: BIO 201 or 202, OCN 150, Mathematics or Statistics (depending on placement)
  • Biology: BIO 201 or 202, Mathematics or Statistics (depending on placement)
  • Chemistry: BIO 201, Mathematics (depending on placement)
  • Environmental Sciences: BIO 201, EVS/L 195 or 205, GGY 130 or GLY/L 120, Mathematics or Statistics (depending on placement)
  • Computer Science: BIO 201, Mathematics, Statistics or CSC 131/133 (depending on placement)
  • Geology and Geosciences: GLY/L 101
  • Oceanography: OCN/L 150, BIO 201, EVS 195, Mathematics (depending on placement)
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Physics majors- third course suggestion is dependent upon placement

Engineering Living Learning Communities

All students will take the following classes:

Table showing the five classes (10 credit hours) for this community (CHM 101, EGN 101 UNI 102 and MAT 112 or MAT 161)
Course Title Hours Category
CHM 101 and CHML 101 General Chemistry I 4 Major; Scientific Approaches to the Natural World
EGN 101 Introduction to Engineering 2 Major
UNI 102 First Year Seminar: Engineering 1 Foundations
MAT 112 Trigonometry 3 Major; Mathematics and Statistics
MAT 161 Calculus with Analytical Geometry 3 Major; Mathematics and Statistics

Students will be placed into the appropriate MAT course based on their AP/IB/Transfer Credits or their Math Placement Score. If you require a lower or higher math course you will not be required to enroll in either MAT 112 or 161 as a part of the learning community.