First-Year Living Learning Communities

Education Living Learning Community

If you want to build a community of future teachers with whom you’ll discover your strengths, tackle tough questions, and engage in fun social events, the ELC is for you. This community is meant for students interested in any of the tracks within the Education major.  You’ll live in Keystone hall and share two fall courses as a cohort: EDN 203, Psychological Foundations of Teaching, and UNI 101, First Year Seminar.  In the spring, you’ll have the option to work with faculty and staff in our award-winning Education Lab as well as tutor students from our community.  You’ll meet former ELC participants who serve as mentors and develop lifelong friendships with each other. You’ll listen and share ideas that shape the future of education.  Join the ELC and become part of a long list of student leaders and change makers who say it was one of the best decisions they made at UNCW.

Residence Hall: Keystone Hall

Fall Courses

Table showing the two classes (6 credit hours) for this community (EDN 203 and UNI 101)
Course Title Hours Category
EDN 203 Psychological Foundations of Teaching 3 Major
UNI 101 First Year Seminar 3 Foundations

Spring Courses

The spring course is still being determined.