First-Year Learning Communities

Education Learning Community

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EducationThe Education Learning Community (ELC) provides first-year, future teachers a residential learning community that supports academic, social, and educational development. ELC participants will have the opportunity to live with other pre-education majors in Cornerstone Hall, and share two of the same classes: EDN 203 Psychological Foundations of Teaching and UNI 101 First-Year Seminar. In addition, students in the ELC will attend seminars together, connect with Watson faculty and staff, and participate in education field experiences prior to being admitted into the Watson College of Education. Students will engage in various activities on and off campus that explore cultural diversity, educational growth, and establish lifelong friendships. 

Education LC Members will live in Keystone House if their application is received by May 1st, 2020

Program Goals:

  • Provide additional support to students as they transition to college life
  • Provide academically and culturally enriched experiences that extend beyond the regular college program
  • Provide opportunities for building an understanding of education's place in a greater social context
  • Instill a greater awareness of the values and complexity of the teaching profession


  • Assistance with the transition to college life and education profession
  • Individual support and attention
  • Early connections with Watson College of Education faculty and staff
  • Be part of a collaborative culture
  • Educational field experiences during the first year on campus
  • An environment conducive to academic achievement and social engagement

"I think freshman should join the ELC because it gives them a community and friends that you will have for life. You get to take classes with other pre-education majors and get to know the Watson College of Education staff before any other education majors your age. You also get to have field experience your freshman year which is 2 years before everyone else. It is such a great opportunity to get your foot into the schools and find your love for teaching."

~Amber Matlock; Freshman ELC 2014-15

2017-18 Overview

Fall Semester:

  • Students participate in two common courses: EDN 203, Psychological Foundations of Teaching and UNI 101, First-Year Seminar
  • Students are assigned an upper class peer mentor
  • Students attend extracurricular activities and workshops

Spring Semester:

  • Students participate in a one-credit ELC seminar
  • Students participate in field experience working one-on-one with PreK-12 students
  • Students attend extracurricular activities and workshops

For additional information or if you have any questions about this community, please feel free to contact LeAnne Smith at