First-Year Learning Communities

Nursing Learning Community

Nursing students and faculty work in SIM lab

NursingThe Nursing Learning Community is for first-year students who are strongly considering a major in Nursing. The mission of the learning community is to give students an introduction into the field of Nursing, the skills needed to be successful in the career, and to provide a network of support from classmates, faculty, and mentors. This learning community will include two courses required to get into this competitive program, as well as a first-year seminar. 

Nursing, 'Scrubs and Scholars' LC Members will live in Belk Hall if their application is received by May 15th, 2020

The Nursing Learning Community will include the following courses:

  • Principles of Biology: Cells (BIO 201)
  • General Sociology (SOC 105)
  • First-Year Seminar (UNI 101)

Highlights of the learning community:

  • Focus on admission requirements and strategies for improving chances of admission
  • Personalized tour of the simulation lab with in-depth information about each simulation room and experience
  • Panel of current Nursing students to speak about their study strategies that helped them get accepted and their experiences in the program
  • Will be paired with a current Nursing student as a mentor
  • Opportunity to meet with and learn from people currently in various areas of the Nursing field

For additional information or if you have any questions about this community, please email