First-Year Learning Communities

Call for Proposals for Fall 2017 Cornerstone Learning Communities

The Cornerstone Learning Communities (CLC's) Program, which is a collaborative effort between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, is currently seeking proposals from faculty who wish to teach in this program for the fall 2016 semester. In the fall, the CLC will be entering its fifteenth year, and faculty report that it can be an exciting way to teach and engage first-year students in their University Studies courses. If interested, proposals need to be submitted by Monday, February 13th, 2017. Proposals are solicited from pairs of faculty members who wish to offer a Cornerstone Learning Community (CLC) for first-year students in fall 2017.  Proposals should focus on a plan to integrate two University Studies courses.  All CLC proposal ideas are welcome, and will be given full consideration.  Please feel free to contact Danny Hall with any questions at or 910.962.7985.

Summer Course Development Stipends will be allocated dependent upon receipt of the proposed summer course development plan; please click here to complete the form.  Once submitted, the plan will be reviewed, and the final approved stipend amount will be determined.

To access the Chair Signature form, please click here.


  • If you are applying to repeat the same CLC (same faculty, same courses), please send us a letter of intent stating what (if anything) you would change, the cover sheet with the required chairs’ signatures, and the summer course development plan. 
  • If you are creating a new CLC, please complete the entire description as outlined on the cover sheet, along with the summer course development plan.

Information to consider when developing a proposal:

  • CLC’s will consist of three University Studies credit bearing courses (two discipline-based University Studies courses and a First-Year Seminar course).  Courses will be assessed and graded separately, but should have at least one joint student project or activity.
  • CLC’s should create curricular coherence for first-year students by taking common themes that already exist among University Studies courses and making the themes explicit. 
  • CLC’s are not team-taught courses, but do require a high degree of faculty collaboration and interaction. 
  • CLC’s will be limited to an enrollment of 25 students each, allowing faculty to use student-centered teaching methods (such as seminar format) and to interact with students outside the classroom. 

Requirements and Timetable for Learning Communities:

  • Monday, February 13th, 2017 – Proposals due
  • Wednesday, February  15th, 2017 – Notification of accepted proposals
  • Monday, February 27th, 2017 – summer course development plan due 
  • May 2017 – Sometime during the month, all three professors of the CLC will meet with UC Curriculum Coordinator and UC LC Specialist to discuss plans for the community and steps for summer course development
  • Summer 2017 – CLC course development
  • Monday, August 1st , 2017– Course syllabi and proposed budget for any planned experiential education opportunities due to UC Learning Community Specialist, Danny Hall,