First-Year Living Learning Communities

About First-Year Living Learning Communities

Learning Communities are...

Learning Communities are structured learning experiences in which the same group of students share common classes and activities related to a common academic or personal interest. Classes included in LLC's fulfill requirements for University Studies (the undergraduate core curriculum required for all UNCW students)

  • Students take 2-3 classes with the same group of 20-25 first-semester students
  • Students in the LLC will live in the same Residence Hall
  • Each LLC has an assigned upperclassman peer mentor


Choose a Living Learning Community because...

Research has shown students who participate in a LLC:

  • Create their own supportive peer networks that extend beyond the classroom
  • Students become more involved in both in-class and out-of-class activities
  • Students spend more time and effort on academic and other educationally-related activities
  • Students tend to earn higher grades
  • Students report feeling more connected to their community professors, staff, mentors and the UNCW campus
  • Students report an increased overall satisfaction with their college experience