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Why You Should Join 

 We are excited that you are thinking about joining our community!

To make the decision to join a fraternity/sorority at UNCW is to make a lifelong commitment to better yourself and your community. Being involved as a fraternity/sorority member has the benefit of making a campus with thousands of students seem smaller, and the connections shared by our membership offers a home away from home. Joining an organization can also open many doors to other opportunities, such as positional leadership, connection to values, mentorship, service to others, and more!

Fast Facts about our community from the last year: 

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                                1,400 Members in 32 chapters                         25,088 hours of service 


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                               $332,021 raised and donated                        74% has a 3.0 or above GPA


As we mentioned above this is a life long commitment that comes with a network of alumni that prove to be beneficial both in college and long after graduation. Every chapter has a wide alumni network to assist adjusting to new communities, finding employment, or just to offer personal friendship based on common experiences in your organization. Other benefits to membership are the professional and personal development opportunities that exist to help members develop important skills useful throughout one’s life. Fraternities and sororities provide a learning laboratory for members to practice skills needed for whatever path a student chooses after college. 

"Joining Greek Life opened so many doors for me that I never even
knew existed. During my time in Delta Zeta, I met sisters that helped me
through my worst times and supported me through my best times.
The leadership opportunities I took on in both my individual chapter
and in the entire Greek community through Order of Omega,
helped me to reach so many people. I'm so grateful for
the many relationships of Fraternity and Sorority Life
that I made during my time at UNCW. I will always cherish
the lessons I learned and the memories we made as a community."
-Audrey West UNCW'20 
Former Delta Zeta President 


We hope you join our community and encourage all students interested in membership to fully explore the wide range of fraternity and sorority chapters to better understand organizational values, structures, and opportunities to identify an organization that is a good fit.