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How to Join

All of our organizations belong to one of four governing councils, each of whom has their own unique process on how members join. The Interfraternity Council is home to our large men's fraternities, the National Pan-Hellenic Council is the space for our historically black fraternities and sororities, the Panhellenic Council oversees our large women's sororities and the United Greek Council is home for our Christian sorority and latinx co-ed fraternity. 

Check out the information below to find out how you can join one of our fraternities and sororities.

Unsure which process you should go through to join the organization you're interested in? Visit our Councils and Chapters page for more information!

Membership Requirements

In order to join a fraternity or sorority at UNCW, students must meet academic and institutional requirements of:

  • Potential new members must be a registered, full-time UNCW student
  • Transfer and first semester students are eligible their first semester to join IFC/Panhellenic chapters.

Please note, each organization may have additional eligibility requirements, including a minimum cumulative GPA which is normally at or above a 2.5 GPA. Research each organization to find out their specific requirements.


Interfraternity Council

If you are interested in joining an Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity, recruitment takes place primarily at the beginning of each semester.  Each chapter conducts recruitment individually and hosts activities on and off campus. IFC will be hosting several events to assist new members is learning more about the chapters and the recruitment process.

All potential new members must register for recruitment to verify membership eligibility requirements are met. Students must be enrolled full time with the University (minimum of 12 credit hours).  For students who have an established collegiate grade point average, a minimum collegiate grade point average of 2.50 is required.

For more information about the Interfraternity Council, click HERE!

National Pan-Hellenic Council

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) follows a process called intake. Every semester, the council will host an overall informational program, Black Greek 101, where you can learn about the entire NPHC community, each chapter, and typically involves some sort of panel session. Once you've determined which chapter you are interested in joining, you should take the time to research the organization, attend their programs, and introduce yourself to the members.

You can learn more about Intake by visiting the UNCW National Pan-Hellenic Council website.

Panhellenic Council

Fall semester Panhellenic sorority recruitment is a mutually selective process between potential new members and the chapters at UNCW. Potential new members will have a chance to meet each of the Panhellenic sororities during the week, narrowing their choice to the one chapter which is the best fit. At the end of recruitment events, potential new members may receive an invitation to become a member of one of UNCW's Panhellenic sororities.

After fall semester recruitment, if chapters still have space available on their roster they may decide to participate in continuous open bidding throughout the year. Who participates in continuous open bidding varies semester to semester and there is a possibility not all organizations will within the academic year.

For more information about the Panhellenic Council recruitment process, click HERE!   

United Greek Council

The recruitment process for the United Greek Council (UGC) takes place primarily at the beginning of the semester with each chapter coordinating their own process. The council will typically host an event at the beginning of the semester to allow students to meet all of the chapters and determine which one they are interested in joining. Once you have determined which chapter you are interested in joining you should take the time to research the organization, attend their programs, and introduce yourself to the members.

For more information about the United Greek Council, please click HERE!