Office of Student Leadership and Engagement


Alternative activities can lead the organization into the right direction. It is imperative to have activities that are positive and values based in the organization. Many departments on campus can provide alternative activities such as:

  • Participate in a Ropes Course
  • Plan and participate in a community service project
  • Have a resume writing or study skills workshop presented
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Create a vision and goals for the organization
  • Host a Family Weekend activity
  • Ask university police to discuss the prevention of violence against women
  • Attend a program or event another organization is sponsoring
  • Develop a faculty advisor appreciation gesture
  • Develop one memento of the new member class to present to the campus, such as planting a tree
  • Participate in Intramural activities
  • Go to an athletic event
  • Go camping
  • Ask a faculty member to facilitate a discussion on diversity
  • Attend a theatrical production
  • Do a goal setting program
  • Conduct a voter registration drive
  • Ask a professor to do a program on etiquette
  • Have lunch together once a week in the dining hall
  • Co-sponsor a campus program with another student organization

Providing alternative programming is not the only solution to rid your organization of hazing. Simply replacing a questionable activity with another activity does not attack the problem at its foundation. To effectively deal with hazing in your organization, you should make an aggressive effort to increase the awareness and education of your members as well as empower members to detect hazing and take corrective actions.

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