Fixed Assets

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Transfers Between Departments

  • The fixed assets inventory listing is the official record of fixed assets for which the department's authorized university official is responsible.
  • When fixed asset items are permanently transferred to another department or
    relocated, or when any equipment items are lost, stolen, or traded in, prepare
    a Movable Equipment form to notify the Fixed Assets Administrator so that the
    appropriate records may be adjusted.
  • Attach documentation as specified on the Movable Equipment form, and
    submit to Fixed Assets Administrator.
  • If Moving Services is needed to move equipment to any location other than
    Surplus Property, you must also submit a Moving Services Request. A Moving
    Services Request is not needed when items are sent to Surplus Property. Moving Services Request instructions are located on the UNCW Surplus Office website.
  • Before allowing the equipment to be removed, obtain the signature of Moving
    Services (or, if applicable, another individual who is removing the
    equipment) on the departmental copy of the Movable Equipment form.