Fixed Assets

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Temporary Relocation of Equipment

  • Departments are required to maintain a current record of any temporary
    relocation (using the Equipment Temporary Check-Out List or
    comparable form approved by Fixed Assets) whenever equipment is removed
    from the custody of the department or the employees to which the
    equipment is normally assigned, regardless of whether or not the
    equipment is on the department fixed assets inventory.
  • Equipment may be temporarily relocated with prior department head
    approval. Except for repairs, the temporary removal of equipment is
    authorized only for university departments, employees, or for members of the
    SGA (when SGA equipment is involved). Off-campus use should be for
    work on a university assignment.
  • Removal of university equipment for off-campus use without department head
    approval may result in the individual being prosecuted for misappropriation
    of state property and/or larceny. University equipment used off campus or
    loaned to another campus department or activity is subject to immediate
    return if requested by university officials, state auditors, or other state
  • Items purchased with university funds are the property of the state and are not
    intended for personal use.