Financial Systems


Mission and Purpose

The e-Commerce group within Financial Systems acts to enable and support e-Commerce operations on campus by developing University policies and procedures on current state regulatory requirements and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This group provides oversight to the Merchants on campus working directly with the University’s payment gateway providers (currently TouchNet), the State of NC’s acquirer (First Data) and the Office of State Controller.  They are the primary contact to request new and changes to merchant accounts, order point of sale equipment and TouchNet access.

Credit Card Acceptance Committee

Mission and Purpose

UNCW desires to provide the convenience of credit card acceptance for its customers, both on and off campus. As business capabilities have been developed to provide products and services to the greater Wilmington community and to the global community as well, more of the University's customers have requested the convenience of credit card payment for those products and services.

Committee Members

The Credit Card Acceptance Committee is currently staffed by members of the following Departments: Controller's Office, Cashiers/Student Accounts, and Financial Systems. For a complete listing of UNCW employees and their responsibilities, please see Credit Card Committee Members document.

Getting Started

If your Department provides a Service or a Product to non-UNCW customers, options regarding payment methods must be considered. Customers have generally paid by cash or check in the past, but accepting credit card payment is also available. Departments must apply for Credit Card Acceptance Capability, equipment may need to be acquired for Point of Sale (POS) terminal, web pages may need to be developed/updated, staff must be trained, etc.
  • Step One is to read the UNCW Credit Card Policy and Procedures documents and complete the UNCW Application to Process Payment Cards.
  • Step Two is to submit the Request for Receipting Privileges as an intial request or as a revision adding Credit Card Acceptance using POS or Touchnet on the web.

To submit a request for approval or for questions please email


Contact Samual Taylor ( for details regarding e-Commerce and available sessions.