FY 2021-22 Year End Information

This web page has been created to assist faculty and staff with the Fiscal Year End process.  Review below for latest links, forums, dates and other information.


Click Here for FY22 Year End Dates


February 2022 Year End Forum:

Finance Forum - 2022 YEAR END DATES (pdf)

Finance Forum - February 16th 2022 - Recorded Live Presentation (Zoom)

Finance Forum - February 16th 2022 - Presentation Slideshow (pdf)

Finance Forum - February 16th 2022 - FAQ's Answered (pdf)


December 2021 Finance Forum:

 Finance Forum - December 15th 2021 - Recorded Live Presentation (Zoom)

 Finance Forum - December 15th 2021 - Presentation Slideshow (pdf)

Finance Forum - December 15th 2021 - FAQ's Answered (pdf)


Purchasing Services Ordering Deadlines (Updated for FY22)

Supply chain interruptions have been head-line news since early days of the pandemic and continue to disrupt deliveries in almost every category.  

To improve the likelihood that your state-funded purchases are received prior to year-end, plan on 3-to-4-week delay in delivery and order very early. The FYE 2022 deadlines below are based on Fall 2021 deliveries, intended as a guide (not a guarantee) and actual delivery times will vary.  

Reminder: Be sure to use the Budget Override feature in uShop if funding is pending a budget revision. Doing so will save valuable time in order processing.  




December 10

Vehicles (Severe issues. Some models are not available for order. Contact Purchasing for details)

February 4

Equipment (including but not limited to scientific, landscaping, and commercial machinery), furniture, computers

February 18

New software and on-line services procurements

April 15

Supplies (including but not limited to MRO, research and office), parts, tools

March 11

Services, including performers, consultants, independent contractors

March 25

Intellectual property, advertising


For assistance and details please contact .

Click here for the chart commodity assignments by Purchasing Specialist.