FY 2020 - 21 Year End Information


This web page has been created to assist faculty and staff with the Fiscal Year End process. Click on the link below for the latest information.


FY21 Year End Dates



Recommended Order Dates for 2021

When considering Year-End Lead Times for Fiscal Year-End critical funding, please pay attention to these new guidelines. The State of NC has imposed new inspection requirements, effectively extending the time before payment can be issued to the vendor(s).

Generally equipment ought to be ordered by March 12th, services by March 26th  and supplies by May 7th. Be safe and order early!!

There are some custom and extraordinary equipment items that may require even longer lead times. For example off-road vehicles now have a 8-10 week lead time. Click to view a detailed list.

If not, lead time to receive the goods will have to be analyzed closely before the purchase is allowed. The particular Purchasing Specialist responsible for the commodity for which you may be interested in buying, can assist with those lead times. For a chart of the Purchasing Specialists and the commodities for which they are responsible please click here.

For assistance call Purchasing @ 2-3158.