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Finance Org Chart

AVC for Finance Org Chart

Finance Mission Statement:

The Finance section of the Division of Business Affairs supports the university mission, strategic vision, goals, and objectives by providing key financial services efficiently and effectively. The Finance section provides university financial services directly to students and the campus community. Finance includes Accounting, Purchasing, Capital Improvement Accounting, Student Accounts Services, and Financial Systems. The division is committed to sound fiscal policies, stewardship of assets, and the integrity of our processes. As part of the University of North Carolina Wilmington and the University of North Carolina system, the Finance section of the Division of Business Affairs strives to maintain strong fiscal management while seeking effective methods to improve financial services to the university community.

Who Does What in Finance:

Who does what in Finance
Topic Department
Account Explanations (Revenue/Expense) Controller Office


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  • Banner HR
Financial Systems
American Express Credit Card for Travel Travel
Banner Finance Financial Systems
Capital Project Reporting Controller

Cash Receipting

  • Depts. With Receipting Privileges
  • Depts. Without Receipting Privileges

Student Accounts & Cashier Services


Chrome River questions

Travel and Direct Pay


  • NonEnrolled Students
  • Perkins
Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Contract & Grant Billing Controller
Contractual Services Purchasing
Debt Service Controller Office

Direct Deposit

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll

Accounts Payable


Document Imaging for Finance Financial Systems
Dual Employment Budget Office
e-Print Financial Systems
Equipment Tracking Controller
Establishment of University Funds Controller
External Invoice Billing Controller
Equipment Tracking/Inventories Purchasing
Finance Training Financial Systems
Financial Statements Controller
Independent Contractor Agreements Purchasing
Interdepartmental Invoices (IDI) Controller
International Employees Payroll
Journal Entries Controller
Leases (Real Estate) Purchasing
Maintenance Agreements Purchasing
NCAS Accounting Controller
Ordering Goods & Services Purchasing
Org Changes Controller
Overcommitment Notices Budget Office


  • Accounts Payable (paid by university)
  • Student (received by university)

Accounts Payable

Student Accounts & Cashier Services

Payroll Information Payroll
Payroll Tax Withholding Payroll

Petty Cash-Campus

Petty Cash & Change Funds-Departmental

Student Accounts & Cashier Services

Controller Office

Position Control

  • EPA
  • SPA
Budget Office
Purchasing Airfare Travel

Returned Checks

  • Non Students
  • Students


Student Accounts & Cashier Services

Software Licensing Agreements Purchasing
SSRS Finance Report Writing Financial Systems
Student Accounts Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Student Billing Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Student Payments Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Student Refunds Student Accounts & Cashier Services

Tax Information

  • 1098T/Form 1042S
  • W2

Student Accounts & Cashier Services


Tuition and Fee Rates Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Tuition Waivers Student Accounts & Cashier Services
UNCW Corporations Associated Entities
Vacancy Analysis Budget Office
Void Checks Accounts Payable
Wire Transfers (Out) Controller Office