Financial Aid

Year-Round Pell

What is Year-Round Pell (YRP)?

Federal Pell Grants are awarded to high need families who qualify as determined by the FAFSA.  Students are eligible for 6 years (or 12 semesters) of Pell.  This is referred to as 600% Pell Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU).  Receiving Pell between the fall and spring semester as a full time student equals 100% of Pell.

Year-round Pell allows students to receive up to 150% of a regular grant award over the course of the academic year so that they can continue taking classes in the summer and finish their degrees faster than they would otherwise.  This additional 50% requires that you be at least half-time and this usage goes toward the 600% LEU.  See two examples below:

Example 1 This 0 EFC student is enrolled full-time fall, full-time spring, and half-time summer.

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

12 Credit Hours

12 Credit Hours

6 Credit Hours

50% Pell ($2800)

50% Pell  ($2800)

50% Pell ($2800, but since half-time you will receive half = $1400)

Example 2  This 0 EFC student is enrolled three-quarter time fall, full-time spring, and quarter-time summer.

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

9 Credit Hours

12 Credit Hours

3 Credit Hours

37.50% Pell (0 EFC = $2100)

50%  (0 EFC = $2800)

12.50% ($700 unused fall Pell)

In Example 1, if the student is in six credit hours in the summer, $1400 would be used and the total usage for the academic year would be 125%.  If in 12 credit hours, the amount would be $2800 and 150%.  In Example 2, the student could also use their YRP for summer if enrolled for at least six hours in the summer (because six hours is the minimum enrollment for YRP). 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that your Pell grant, alone, likely will not be enough to cover all of your summer expenses. See the estimated cost analysis below using Ex. 1 from above:

In-state student

$1,150 Tuition & Fees for 6 credit hours
$1,400 Housing May & June
$400 Dining/Meals May & June
$200 Books
-$1,400 Pell Grant
$1,700 Balance Due

If your advisor/Dean recommends summer enrollment, please ensure that you can afford to cover all associated costs.  If you are not able to pay out of pocket, you’d need the assistance of unused federal student loans from the fall/spring, a Parent Plus loan or Private loan, or to be able to cover via the TealPay Payment Plan:  Please come meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss your financing options.